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Painting and DIY

We have been stocking Annie Sloan products for over 6 years.We are extreemly passionate about this paint and have helped many customers select a colour and transform their furniture and houses. 

However we are currently running down our stock of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and are now stocking Jolie Paint so if you can't find a colour you are after please contact us or have a look at that range.

The manufacture of the Annie Sloan paint has changed for Australasia which has meant the paint was not the same as we have been using, this also meant paint colours were different to what we had been selling under that brand.

After careful consideration we decided to stay with the existing paint manufacture (the same one we have used for over 6 years) although this is no longer under the Annie Sloan brand, it IS a paint that we know, love and remain passionate about - no prepping, no priming, and just the fun of painting?? What's not to love? 

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