Ndamji Beaded Doll 30cm Blk&Wh

Ndamji Beaded Doll 30cm Black and White

Ndamji Beaded Statues

Amongst the Ndamji people in the Cameroon, unadorned dolls are made by blacksmiths as playthings for young girls.

When a woman married the dolls are dressed with beads, shells, coins and other trinkets, they then become fertility dolls and are cared for as though a real child.

The dolls are characterized by a narrow trunk and head with a shapely body forming a striking geometric design.

Unadorned dolls are also used to mark houses when the Ndamji are home.

Other tribes in the region have been influenced by the Ndamji and have seen the effectiveness of their dolls so they have adopted the design for themselves.

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