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Sunday Brunch Puzzle

Sunday Brunch Puzzle

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?? Puzzle of the Year 2023 Winner from the Puzzle Pals Choice Awards Premium quality adult jigsaw puzzle Artwork by New Zealand artist Cris Pliego Finished size: 75 x 52cm This artwork celebrates the vibrancy of Mexico with New Zealand?s natural environment in a whimsical design. Flamboyant Mexican colours are projected onto New Zealand flora and fauna to capture the imagination and bring joy for the viewer. About the Artist: Cris Pliego Residing in New Zealand, Mexican illustrator Cris expresses her love for texture across watercolour, gouache, acrylic, and digital mediums. Drawing inspiration from her explorations of nature and her global travels, Cris creates vibrant artwork that infuses a sense of enchantment into everyday life, items and surroundings.


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