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Vetiver Zest Mens EDT

Vetiver Zest Mens EDT

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Vetiver Zest Mens Mens Eau de Toilette

L’Òme pays a scented tribute to the mythical and beneficial plants which are typical of Provence. Enchanting and warm in turn, their notes reveal the treasures of Provence in all their diversity, like a gallery of masculine portraits.

Vetiver has lone been revered for its rich attributes, boasting a wooded signature note and ideal cosmetic properties for men. Durance celebrates men through the vetiver zest fragrance; combining the signature male woody scent and the softening of a zesty grapefruit and citrus notes.



  • Perfumed composition containing stimulating vetiver essential oil.
  • Alcohol 80°
  • Paraben free – Phénoxyéthanol free - Peg free (polyethylene glycol) – Aluminate free – No added colouring


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