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Beach Frangipani,Lime Toasted Coconut Soap Bar

Beach Frangipani,Lime Toasted Coconut Soap Bar

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Beach Frangipani, Lime Toasted Coconut Soap Bar

Bring the fragrances of an Island holiday into your home!

This luxury soap bar is palm oil free and uses eco-friendly and recyclable packaging – so it is plastic free and zero waste. It is embossed with our logo and is a shape to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. It is very subtly shaped, on the long side, while being a modern sharp cut, on the short side. This makes it nice to lather up, and also keeps with our modern look. All soaps are white, in colour (synthetic dye free).  All the soaps have luxurious shea butter, so they moisturize & lather up, beautifully.

Made in New Zealand


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