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Meet the all-in-one life planner, with absolutely no dates? Canvast is about doing it how you want, when you want. It?s dedicated to the girl who?s equal parts intelligent, cheeky, passionate and rebellious. The girl who walks in the room and lights the whole damn thing up.

More than just your average diary ? when you?re in the Canvast gang you can?t be average. There?s more planning. More pages. More goals. More adventure. More success. More life. You are not a diary. YOU are more.

What?s inside:

* MONTHLY PEP TALKS: Each (dateless) month begins with a theme, like finance, love or smashing a career goal, followed by a motivational pep talk.

* MONTH TO VIEW: Because #planning

* BUDGET: For the Canvast babe who takes her budget seriously, but also strongly supports treating herself.

* GOALS: Canvast lets a girl dream, with plenty of space to brainstorm, create and plan for personal goals, career ambitions and total world domination.

* WEEK TO VIEW: The creme de la creme of weekly spreads. Banging ideas, top priorities, people to see, meal planning and a tear away list. A TEAR AWAY LIST?! Shut. The. Front. Door.

* NOTES: No planner is complete without a serious number of notes pages, devoted to anything racing through the busy mind of a Canvast boss lady.

* REAL LIFE ADVICE: To help you, motivate you and tell you what a great job you?re doing (in a non-lame way of course!)

* THE IMPORTANT STUFF: A VIP section at the back for secret squirrel items: passwords, app logins, croquet membership number etc.



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