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Henir Hand Knotted Vintage Rug Chakavak | 322 x 237cm

Henir Hand Knotted Vintage Rug Chakavak | 322 x 237cm

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Country of Origin: Iran Material: 100% Wool Condition: Very good Age: Vintage Approx 50 Years Weave: 100% hand-woven Persian vintage Kirman rugs exude timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship. Originating from the ancient city of Kirman in Iran, these rugs showcase intricate designs that include delicate floral motifs a harmonious blend of rich colours. Crafted using hand-knotted techniques passed down through generations, each rug tells a unique story with its detailed patterns and meticulous weaving. Our vintage Kirman collection is estimated to have been woven in the 1970's in Kerman, Iran. During the making process, the rug has been shaved down to a low pile, deep washed and then re-dyed (overdyed) one colour. Overdyed rugs have a low pile height and feature a traditional style with a modern twist.  400cm x 298CM


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