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Multi Box Large White (27 x 25 x 13)

Multi Box Large White (27 x 25 x 13)

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Hachiman Multi-Boxes are made of the same high grade material as the Super Bucket and boast all the same fantastic characteristics. They???re stackable and have a fold-down handle making them the perfect solution when space is of a premium. Available in the two most popular colours, black and white, their uses are endless - ??? Workshop ??? Garden Shed ??? Sewing Room ??? Garage ??? Laundry ??? Caravan ??? Boat ??? Children???s Bedrooms ??? Toy Room ??? Office ??? Art Studio ??? Kitchen ??? Salon ??? Use as a planter box inside and out (as they have a UV rating) ??? and the list goes on???. *Made in Japan Dimensions: Height 130mm | Length 250mm | Width 270mm | Material: Polypropylene


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