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Ortwo Lite Black

Ortwo Lite Black

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Ortwo Lite is a plastic version of Ortwo, the world’s first pepper mill to combine the convenience of one-handed spice grinding, with the extra speed, ease, and an unmatched output of two. Ortwo's handles squeeze together for convenient and easy one-handed operation, as well as open apart for significantly increased output when operated with two hands. Ortwo’s Lite's custom designed, ultra sharp ceramic grinder mechanism will never corrode or rust, and is fully adjustable with 6 grind settings from super-fine to coarse, and can be used for grinding all types of spices, salts and seeds. The wide-mouth, flat-bottomed acrylic spice jar is super easy to fill, dishwasher safe and tempered for strength, so whether you’re using it one-handed or two, this award-winner really is anything but run of the mill. Ortwo rests on your table or worktop without making a mess thanks to its angled cylinder design and innovative crumb-catching lip *Dishwasher safe *BPA Free Dimensions: Length 61.4mm | Width 68.3mm | Material: Nylon, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, SAN Plastic


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